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Finding a Pet and Baby Safe Carpet Cleaning Company in Levittown, PA

If you are looking for a pet and baby safe carpet cleaning company in Levittown, PA; Morrisville, PA; Bensalem, PA or anywhere in the state, what exactly are you looking for? What makes a particular carpet cleaning company pet and baby safe?

The most important thing to look for when trying to find a pet and baby safe carpet cleaning company in Levittown, PA is a company that uses eco-friendly, natural cleaning agents in their carpet cleaning process. These cleaners need to be biodegradable and 100% “green”.

As you may be able to guess from our name, OxiGreen Carpet Cleaning in Levittown, PA is the kind of company you are looking for! We use only non-chemical, completely “green” carpet cleaning agents that are derived from the tea tree.

You may have heard of the growing popularity of using tea tree ingredients in shampoos, conditioners and skin care products. For decades, extracts from the tea tree have been used as natural, topical antibiotics. They are known to have a variety of cleaning and healing properties, and we are proud to say we exclusively use these 100% green products in our carpet cleaning.

When we here at OxiGreen in Levittown, PA combine these powerful and natural cleaners with our modern, high-quality, truck mounted carpet cleaning machines, we are able to provide our customers with an efficient, effective, 100% green cleaning.

We will leave behind no toxic residue that would damage your carpet fibers or threaten the health of your family members, particularly your little ones and furry creatures who love to relax and entertain themselves and each other on the floor. We are proud to be a pet and baby safe carpet cleaning company!

Contact us OxiGreen in Levittown, PA at 215-269-3331 for a great “green” carpet cleaning. You will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your little ones will have a fresh, clean, non-toxic environment to enjoy.


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