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A Super $99 Carpet Cleaning Special in Langhorne, PA

If you are like many homeowners, sometimes you procrastinate about having your carpeting cleaned because of the price.  If that is the case, we here at OxiGreen in Langhorne, PA have some really good news for you! We offer a couple of outstanding carpet cleaning packages tailored to meet your needs.

For small apartments, condos and even larger homes that have a majority of non-carpeted floors, OxiGreen in Langhorne, PA offers a $99 two room plus one hallway special that is a great deal.

For only $99, we will actually come right to your home and conveniently do the job there for you!

Just kidding!!  Of course, we come to your home, and we arrive with our top notch, truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment that will shoot hot water deep into your carpet fibers. This process disrupts the bacteria, mold spores, dust, dirt and other pollutants that you didn’t even know were hiding there!

Our machines have superior suction power, so that our skilled technicians will remove this debris while at the same time removing 98% of the water used in the process. We will leave behind fast-drying, completely fresh and clean carpeting for your family to appreciate and enjoy.

In addition, OxiGreen also uses only 100% non-toxic and totally natural cleaning agents in our carpet cleaning process. These cleaners are derived from the tea tree plant, whose extracts have long been known to have cleaning, healing and purifying properties. There will never be any toxic residue left behind because we never use any harsh chemicals.

For a super $99 carpet cleaning special in Lanhorne, PA, call OxiGreen today at 215-269-3331 or visit us online at . We will be happy to answer your questions and offer you a no obligation, no cost cleaning quote.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee and our 100% green cleaning process, we know you will be happy with OxiGreen!

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