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3 Important Reasons to Keep your Carpets Clean in Southampton, PA

There are a number of important reasons to keep your carpets clean in Southampton, PA. The top three are as follows:

1.Clean carpets are healthy carpets. In the course of daily life, dirt, bacteria and other pollutants get ground into the fibers of your carpeting. This provides the perfect breeding ground for dust mites, yet another common allergen. Allowing these pollutants to     remain in your carpeting creates an unhealthy environment in your home, even affecting the air quality.
2.Clean carpets look so much better! No doubt, keeping your carpets clean will improve the appearance of your home. Who wants to spend time cleaning everything else, yet being robbed of your home really looking clean because of the carpeting?
3.Clean carpets last longer. Since indoor carpeting is most likely the most expensive decorating investment you have made in your home, you’re smart to protect and preserve it!

Unfortunately, the majority of vacuum and carpet cleaners available for a DIY carpet cleaning jobs do not provide enough suction to really reach all the debris caught in the carpeting. While the surface of your carpeting may look better, many pollutants are still trapped there.

At OxiGreen in Southampton, we have invested in top of the line carpet cleaning equipment to provide all of our commercial and residential customers with a deep and thorough carpet cleaning. Our process dislodges the dust mites, mold spores, dirt and other debris. Our excellent extraction process removes these pollutants in the process of removing 98% of the water. Not only will you get a deep carpet cleaning, you will get a fast drying one!

Call OxiGreen in Southampton, PA at 215-269-3331 for a free in home carpet inspection or a free quote. You can also learn more about our expert carpet repairs and carpet stretching.

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